1 - Getting started

Welcome to our workshop!

Today we are gonna explore building collaborative peer-to-peer applications. We are gonna go through a lot of different interesting concepts around data structures, data views, networking, and much more.

First thing we need to make sure if that we have a recent version of Node.js and npm installed.


Try opening a terminal (if you are using Windows use PowerShell or equivalent) and run:

node -v


npm -v

We recommend you to be on at least Node.js 8.11.1 for this workshop, so go to https://nodejs.org and download 10 if you are on an older version.

If at anytime you get stuck raise your hand and someone will come down to help you as soon as possible. You can/should ask your peers around you, too! You can learn a lot by working through challenges together. If you are doing this workshop at home feel free to ask @mafintosh, @noffle, or @okdistribute questions you might have :)

Once you solve this exercise continue to exercise 2